Eagle Creek Rural Development Corporation

Eagle Creek Rural Development Corporation was formed in 1990; composed of Village of Harris, Town of Zealandia,  R.M. of Harris #316 and 1/3 of R.M. of Marriott #317.  In 1993, Eagle Creek RDC became a member of the Regional Economic Authority, E-2000, which had its office in Rosetown.  The objective is to promote and facilitate Community economic development and growth.  In 2008 the Enterprise Regions were formed and Eagle Creek RDC took on a slightly different role.

Eagle Creek RDC offers 3 main services:  Annual Business Directory, 4 Quarterly Community Newsletters & a Small Business Loan Association.

Eagle Creek RDC offers loans of up to $15,000, at a competitive interest rate to help local entrepreneurs realize their business dreams.  The Program supports community economic development by making capital funding available through community-run organizations  to entrepreneurs.  All of the interest generated from these loans stays with Eagle Creek RDC.  If you live within the boundaries of Eagle Creek RDC and want to start or improve a business venture, contact Dolores Neil (Sec/Tres) at 656-2172 for additional program information and application forms.