R.M. Council

R.M. of Harris No. 316Council/Council Meetings:

Regular meetings of council are usually held on the first Wednesday of each month.  During summer months, the meetings commence at 8:00 am and during the winter months, the meetings commence at 1:00 pm.  For a current listing of meetings, please contact our office.

Members of council are elected for 4 years terms with the Reeve and Councillors for Divisions 1,3 and 5 elected in ‘even’ years and Concillors for Divisions 2,4 and 6 in ‘odd’ years.

2015 Council:

Reeve: David Husband
Phone: Res: 306-656-4581
Cell: 306-831-7311
Box 174 Harris, SK S0L 1K0

Division 1: Russell Gordon
Phone: Res: 306-656-2003
Cell: 306-493-7585
Fax: 306-656-2003
Box 220, Harris, SK, S0L 1K0
e-mail: m.r.agservice@sasktel.net

Division 2: Les Twordik
Phone: Res: 306-384-1983
Cell: 1-306-221-4843
127 Fairburn Court Saskatoon, SK   S7M 5P7

Division 3: Bryce McKenzie
Phone: Res: 306-882-3588
Cell: 306-831-6055
Box 73, Zealandia, SK S0L 3N0
e-mail: dbmckenzie@gmail.com

Division 4: Jim Richardson
Phone: Res: 306-493-8226
Cell:  306-493-7521
Box 522 Delisle, SK   S0L 0P0

Divison 5:  Brent Genest
Res: 306-656-2032
Cell: 306-831-7331
Box 155, Harris, SK, S0L 1K0
e-mail: bhgenest@sasktel.net

Division 6: Owen Crawley
Phone: Res: 306-656-4680
Cell: 306-493-7681
Fax: 306-656-4403
Box 118, Harris, SK, S0L 1K0