R.M. of Harris No. 316The municipality was granted its charter on December 12, 1910. The first Reeve
was Daniel Lumby and the councillors were Louis Ringuette, F.Geo. Webb, A. Demarce, Thos. Lindsay, Luther Housan, and Ernie Beverstock with the first secretary-treasurer being Wm. Youell. The population of the area at that time was approximately 800 people. The population peaked in the early 1930’s at about 1,300 –
today we have a population of approximately 200.

We have seen many changes over the years in our municipality. Wagon trails
that once were, have now been replaced by high standard roads that see much
more use today due to shipping of farmers grain to centralized locations. The
horse drawn blades have been replaced by large earth moving equipment, equipped
with the newest technology, and large bridges now stand where once there were
simple rock crossings.

Our municipality continues to strive to maintain the best possible services
to its ratepayers. Recently the municipality acquired its own gravel hauling
equipment to not only maintain our own road system, but to provide gravel on
a custom basis. We have three gravel pits located in various locations throughout
our municipality providing traffic gravel, crushed rock, and clay tailings.
We also carry out custom work if time permits.

In 2009 the municipality dug a new municipal well located on the NE 33-32-11
W3 (adjacent to #7 highway between Harris and Tessier), this along with another
well located on SE 3-31-11 W3 provides water for agriculture purposes required
in the area.

The municipality partners with the Village of Harris to provide other services
such as the fire department, recreation facilities and landfill site. Our policing
is provided by the Rosetown detachment of the R.C.M.P. We continue to provide
support for the Wheatland Regional Library, as well as provide funding for West
Central Enterprise Region, a regional economic development authority, to spur
economic development in our area.